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We’re shared some rather shocking things on The Hollywood Gossip over the past few months.

Like a photo of Kim Kardashian with her clothes on.

But what follows may be the most stunning set of pictures we’ve ever published. Brace yourselves, readers, for little Coral…

Baby with A Lot of Hair

A native of Hawaii, Coral is two months old. She’s downright adorable, this cannot be denied.

But this is not why she has become an Internet sensation.

Many small human beings are adorable, but how many have as full a head of hair at this young age as Coral does in the images above and below?!?

Cute Baby, Mother

To date, nearly two million people have viewed the first picture of Coral that her mom shared last week on Imgur.

Such is the power of the Internet. And also of this amazing mane.

"Your daughter could star in a Zoolander prequel," one user wrote as a comment, while another noted:

"At this speed you can expect the first white hair around 4 months."

And still another congratulated Coral on having "James Brown’s haircut" after just two months of life.

"People crowd around and look at her and ask about her hair [all the time,” Coral’s dad, Mike, tells People Magazine.

Can you blame them?!?

"It’s crazy that so many people have an interest!" Mike added.

Sure, we guess. But not as crazy as the Internet going totally insane because some guy flipped a water bottle on to a table.