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Earlier this week, Farrah Abraham sat for a discussion with podcaster and noted douche-monster Nik Richie.

Farrah on the Reunion

The interview gained attention online due to Farrah’s claim that she’s "surpassed" Kim Kardashian in terms of popularity and general famewhoring (she might be half right).

But because we’re committed to  seeing just how deep Ms. Abraham’s idiocy goes, we forced ourselves to listen to the entire podcast, which as it went on began to sound less like an interview and more like Farrah and Richie competing for the title of "Nickelback of Human Beings."

First, Farrah cleared up the little whoopsie that happened last week, when she falsely accused a man of raping her.

"I wasn’t raped," she told Richie. "I felt like I was getting raped…I felt like I almost got raped. You’re violating me by looking at me. Don’t act like a rapist … I have a severe problem with that." 

Ooooooh….she only felt like she was getting raped because she didn’t like the way an Uber driver was looking at her.

It’s kinda like how we felt like we were being murdered listening to his podcast. 

We almost called 911, but then we remembered there’s a big difference between being the victim of a crime and imagining you’re the victim of a crime.

Anyway, it doesn’t get much worse than making light of rape, but Farrah tossed in some casual racism just to remind us how repugnant she can be.

While talking about the Farrah Abraham line of sex toys (yes, she’s selling molds of her lady parts), Nic informed Farrah that "there’s no way any black guys can penetrate you."

Classy as always, she replied, "I don’t do that with them."

Yes, that’s Farrah for you.

At this point, it shouldn’t be surprising when she says something awful, but somehow it still is.