Justin Bieber Finally Cuts His Hair

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Thank goodness.

We can finally ogle Justin Bieber again.

Justin Bieber Hair Picture

Following several misguided weeks in which the singer insisted on wearing his hair in the style of dreadlocks, Bieber has gone ahead and gotten a haircut.

Although the 22-year old artist didn’t include a caption with his latest Instagram photo, he did at least give us a semi-clear look at his newly shaved head via a pair of selfies.

In the first one, above, he's running a hand through his shortened locks.

We can also see his nose ring in the image.

In the second selfie, below, Bieber is simply staring into the camera:

Justin Bieber Haircut Photo

Earlier this month, Bieber took fans aback with his most drastic hair transformation to date.

After receiving a great deal of backlash to the dreadlocks, he recorded an Instagram video in which he addressed his followers’ expressions of disdain towards the hairstyle ... and basically said he didn't care.

“Being weird is fun’ if u r not weird I don’t like you," Bieber said.

It's unclear what finally inspired Bieber to get rid of the awful look, although perhaps Kourtney Kardashian asked him to.

The two stars have allegedly been hooking up again and Bieber is allegedly a fantastic lover.

What do Bieber's loyal fans think of his latest 'do?

“Way better,” wrote one Belieber online, while another clearly felt the same way, writing: “thank the Lord.”

What do you think? How do you like your Justin Bieber? With long hair or short hair?

Or does it not matter as long as he keeps taking off his shirt and making beautiful music?

Sound off in the Comments section below and check out Bieber's hair evolution through the years below:

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