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Last week, we reported that Matt Baier hit on Farrah Abraham long before he started dating his current fiancee, Amber Portwood.

Now, it looks as though Farrah wasn’t the only Teen Mom star to reject Baier’s creepy advances. 

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on the Red Carpet

After weeks of speculation that Baier flirted with Jenelle Evans on social media, Radar Online has unearthed tweets from 2014 that seem to prove the 44-year-old Boston native once had eyes for the Carolina Hurricane:

"I am a huge fan and think u r stunningly beautiful," Baier once tweeted to Evans. "How about a follow? U will make a crappy Saturday good #please."

"Am I the only one who thinks @PBandJenelly_1 [Evans] is absolutely beautiful?" he added shortly thereafter.

Interestingly, Jenelle denied that Baier flirted with her during a recent online spat with Portwood.

Of course, it’s possible that she just forgot about his many online compliments.

In any event, their relationship soured after Jenelle ignored his requests for a follow, and just weeks after declaring his affection, he went on the offensive in brutal fashion:

"Only 60 min until @PBandJenelley_1 makes even Americas worst moms feel good about themselves #teenmom2reunion," he tweeted, adding:

"Poll: if u were on a sinking boat with @PBandJenelley_1 and a cockroach who would you save?

"When u go to school do u try to snort the chalk?" he condintued, addressing Evans’ well-publicized substance abuse issues.

"Jenelle have you ever gotten so high that you… never mind I know the answer."

Baier has attacked other Teen Mom stars in similar fashion, but shockingly, Portwood continues to defend him.

We guess when your fiance might have eight kids he’s not supporting, some online feuds and flirtations seem like small potatoes in comparison.