Jenelle Evans: Her Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From 16 & Pregnant to 25 & Bonkers!

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Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame has always amazed us with her wild and crazy antics, but sometimes she makes us cringe. 

With her selfies, selfishness and overall self-obsession.

Still, the Carolina Hurricane is pretty darn entertaining and never ceases to provide us jaw-dropping reality TV entertainment.

And unyielding social media fodder, to boot. There is never a dull moment with the mother of three, whatever you think of her.

Here's a look at her most memorable moments from her young, innocent (okay, not really innocent) 16 & Pregnant daze to the present.

1. Hospitalized!

In 2013, Nathan Griffith shared this photo of Jenelle in the hospital, because he was a terrible boyfriend. While many people assumed she was hospitalized because of drugs, but she quickly got on Twitter to share documents from the hospital to prove she actual had her appendix removed. "u don't have to believe me but this is how they do surgery now for appendix," she tweeted "Like I said hospital documentation doesn't lie." Never change, girl.

2. That Time She Got This Ink

That Time She Got This Ink
These are some of the tattoos that Jenelle has. In real life, she has these. Like, permanently. On her body forever.

3. And This One. YOLO!

And This One. YOLO!
In case you weren't aware of this delightful little fact, she also has a tattoo that reads "YOLO" right there on her chest. She got this one, she's said on Twitter, "cuz its a good quote." Can't argue with that!

4. Can't Forget This One!

Can't Forget This One!
This is ... well, it's definitely ... it looks ... huh. Well, this tattoo does serve the purpose of covering up that tattoo of Nathan's name she got, so that's something positive.

5. Boob Time!

Boob Time!
Oh look, it's a photo from that time Jenelle got breast implants, which is totally fine but also hilarious because these days she tries to tell people she's never had plastic surgery, even though, you know, she did. On national television.

6. She Fought the Law ...

She Fought the Law ...
Look, this may come as a shock to you, but in addition to getting terrible tattoos, Jenelle has also been arrested once or twice.

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