Jenelle Evans: Her Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From 16 & Pregnant to 29 & Bonkers!

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Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame has always amazed us with her wild and crazy antics, but sometimes she makes us cringe. 

With her selfies, selfishness and overall self-obsession.

Still, the Carolina Hurricane is pretty darn entertaining and never ceases to provide us jaw-dropping entertainment.

And unyielding social media fodder, to boot. There is never a dull moment with the mother of three, whatever you think of her.

Here's a look at her most memorable moments from her young, innocent (okay, not really innocent) 16 & Pregnant days to the present.

1. Hospitalized!

In 2013, Nathan Griffith shared this photo of Jenelle in the hospital, because he was a terrible boyfriend. While many people assumed she was hospitalized because of drugs, but she quickly got on Twitter to share documents from the hospital to prove she actual had her appendix removed. "u don't have to believe me but this is how they do surgery now for appendix," she tweeted "Like I said hospital documentation doesn't lie." Never change, girl.

2. That Time She Got This Ink

These are some of the tattoos that Jenelle has. In real life, she has these. Like, permanently. On her body forever.

3. And This One. YOLO!

And This One. YOLO!
In case you weren't aware of this delightful little fact, she also has a tattoo that reads "YOLO" right there on her chest. She got this one, she's said on Twitter, "cuz its a good quote." Can't argue with that!

4. Can't Forget This One!

Can't Forget This One!
This is ... well, it's definitely ... it looks ... huh. Well, this tattoo does serve the purpose of covering up that tattoo of Nathan's name she got, so that's something positive.

5. Boob Time!

Oh look, it's a photo from that time Jenelle got breast implants, which is totally fine but also hilarious because these days she tries to tell people she's never had plastic surgery, even though, you know, she did. On national television.

6. She Fought the Law ...

Look, this may come as a shock to you, but in addition to getting terrible tattoos, Jenelle has also been arrested once or twice.

7. ... And She Won, Actually

... And She Won, Actually
In fact, she's been arrested around 15 times, for things like drug possession, assault -- you know, just classic Jenelle activities. Somehow though, she's never faced any real consequences for her actions.

8. More Muggin'

Oh, no big deal, just being a menace to society. It's whatever.

9. This Girl

As a wise man once said, "Look at your life, look at your choices."

10. Just Beautiful

Jenelle Evans cries on Twitter. Standard.

11. And Now for Something Completely Different

This old chestnut! This is from 2011, believe it or not -- Jenelle beat the hell out of a former friend of hers because she heard that Kieffer had been flirting with her. Really, she just straight up destroyed this poor girl. It's kind of hard to watch, but so is everything featuring Jenelle, so ...

12. Yikes

So this is a tender little family moment! At the beginning of 2015, Jenelle and Nathan went on a vaction to St. Thomas, along with Nathan's brother (who happens to be a veteran), his wife, and another couple. Jenelle ended up getting into a fight with Nathan's brother on account of who she is as a person, and during the fight, she told him that she wished he'd have died in combat.

13. Those Feathers in Her Hair

Those Feathers in Her Hair
We could not possibly discuss Jenelle's wildest moments without referencing the time that she actually believed she could avoid jail by telling her lawyer that she had tickets to a Kesha concert. As hard as it was for her to believe, even though she got all those feathers in her hair, judges don't particularly care.

14. Heroin

Doing heroin is one thing, but doing heroin in front of an entire film crew? That's ... that's something else.

15. Fightin' with Babs

If we're talking about some intense Jenelle moments, we obviously have to talk about the fight she had with her mother, Barbara, in the first season of Teen Mom 2. It was shocking, heartbreaking, and it gave us such classic TM lines like "I seen you wif Kieffah!"

16. Fightin' with Tori

A girl named Tori was a close friend to Jenelle for several years, but everything wasn't always peachy in their relationship. To prove that point, check out another iconic fight from Teen Mom 2 -- the one with the drumsticks. This one gave us the classic "Leave me alone!" line, too!

17. Courtland

Oh, and how's this for awful? After breaking up with Kieffer and while still super into heroin, Jenelle met and married Courtland Rogers. Just in case you didn't hear, it was a bad choice.

18. Nope

In one of Jenelle and Courtland's many, many fights, Jenelle accused him of causing a miscarriage -- she was pregnant with his child at least once. She even sent him this disturbing picture, but before you get too upset, you should know that Gary Head has said that this is actually a photo that she staged with some Kool-Aid.

19. The Dogs :(

One of the worst Jenelle moments (pre-David, anyway) happened when she was pregnant with Kaiser. She had a hard time controlling the two dogs she shared with Nathan, a pitbull and a husky. She yelled and screamed at the two large dogs, she locked them both in the same tiny crate, and eventually she turned one of them loose and screamed at him to go away. It was way, way worse than it sounds. It was actually so bad that MTV had to put a disclaimer before airing the footage.

20. The Dogs Again :(

Since Jenelle literally never learns, she came under fire again after that incident for her treatment of her dogs. To her defense, not many people know it's bad to try to get a dog to fetch a lit firework. (Just kidding, everyone knows that but she did it anyway, and it is so horrible.)

21. It Gets Worse? Seriously?

It Gets Worse? Seriously?
A few years ago, back when Nathan's mother was trying to get custody of Kaiser, it was alleged that Jenelle smoked marijuana throughout her pregnancy with her third child, Ensley. According to the documents in the case, Ensley tested positive for the drug at birth, and child protective services opened an investigation. Is it seriously that difficult to just not smoke for nine months?

22. Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame
Also in those documents, it was alleged that Jenelle neglects her older children, Jace and Kaiser, to the point where she lets them wander around unattended in the woods that surround her home. Or makes them, rather -- the documents specified that she locks them out of the house.

23. Abuse?!

Kaiser has allegedly claimed that Jenelle's gross husband, David Eason, punched him in the head once. This hasn't been proven, thank goodness, but we do know that Jace has said that he's scared of David, and that he didn't want Jenelle to marry him.

24. More Fights

More Fights
While she didn't get physical, several members of the Teen Mom 2 cast reported that at one reunion show, Jenelle got into a big argument with Nathan's then-girlfriend, Ashley. She made a scene in front of the kids before bolting from the set with David. This is all unfortunate because it means that she can't get through one single day working a semi-normal job.

25. A Real Struggle

A Real Struggle
One unforgettable piece of the mystifying puzzle that is Jenelle Evans is her bizarre health concerns. A few years back, she started reporting some troubling symptoms -- she made complaints like "I feel like I have spidey senses," "eyes hurt, eyes feel huge," and "I can see molecules." After seeing several specialist in different states, she finally ended up on the TV show The Doctors, where she was told that she should probably change her birth control and deal with her anxiety, since that was a likely cause for many of the symptoms. She wasn't done yet though!

26. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
A couple of years after clearing up the spidey senses stuff, she started complaining about a new health problem -- esophageal spasms. She tearfully announced that because of the spasms, she may never be able to fly for the rest of her life (something about the air pressure, who knows). She's flown several times since making that statement, and she always has an explanation for why she's able to do that while her spasms are still so severe. These days, the condition doesn't come up too often, but she'll still talk about it when she wants a little sympathy.

27. Oh No

Oh No
Here's a throwback -- remember that time that Jenelle was driving around with Jace and someone cut her off in traffic so she followed them back to their house and pulled a gun on them? And it was all caught on camera? Isn't it so strange that that's barely a thing anyone talks about anymore, and that this wasn't even what got her fired from the show?

28. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
Speaking of crazy stories involving guns and Jenelle getting fired ... you know we have to talk about what happened to Nugget, Jenelle's French bulldog puppy that nipped Ensley on the cheek and was then brutally killed by David, who thought an appropriate reaction to the nip was to shoot the dog with a shotgun. Jenelle left him for a few days after this, police opened an investigation, and CPS temporarily removed all the children from their home. MTV also fired her from Teen Mom 2. Despite all of this, she stayed by his side -- can you even imagine?

29. Bye, David

Bye, David
Well, she did leave him a few months later -- she packed up Ensley and Kaiser and moved to Nashville. She met with MTV, presumably to try to get her job back, got a restraining order against David, and she even had a fling with a guy named Herbie. Even though she had successfully escaped the swamp, a few months later she ended up moving back. Is that the craziest thing she's ever done? Quite possibly.

30. Why Though

Why Though
Speaking of unfathomable choices regarding her relationship with David -- honestly that could be a list of its own -- there was the other time she publicly announced she was leaving him. This happened after they got into a fight, she went to stay with some friends, and when those friends took her back home to get some things, David pistol-whipped one of them. He was arrested for it, and Jenelle was not pleased, which was why she made the statement about leaving him. She was back with him a couple of days later though, because apparently your husband assaulting your friends is no big deal when you're Jenelle.

31. She's an iNfLuEnCeR

She's an iNfLuEnCeR
One of her most recent jaw-dropping moments isn't really a moment at all, just one long fever dream -- Jenelle has carved out a space for herself on TikTok, a place where she does strange dances, flaunts her bod, and says dumb stuff. It's been pretty odd, to say the least, to see her go from being a reality star to dancing without rhythm on an app, but that's the thing about Jenelle: you never know what she's going to do next.

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