Blake Shelton to Tabloid: Don't Call Me a Drunk!

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In case you somehow weren't aware, Blake Shelton is a bit of a drinker.

And by "a bit of a drinker," we mean the guy could probably go shot-for-shot with Keith Richards and still show up to work the next day (though he might get a little nauseous when he spins his chair around on The Voice.)

Sexy Blake Shelton

Over the years, Shelton has welcomed his reputation as a country lush in the tradition of  - well, just about every other country singer in history.

Anyone who follows the man on Twitter knows that Blake's drunk tweets are some of the funniest things on social media, and the man's admitted to beating up on his liver in multiple interviews.

Even so, reports that Shelton's drinking is out of control have upset the singer in the past, and he recently took legal action against In Touch after the tabloid ran an article claiming that he's headed to rehab.

Unfortunately for Blake, rather than settling out of court, the magazine is standing firm, claiming that Shelton is trying to have it both ways by publicly boasting about his booze intake, then complaining when others express concern:

"Shelton ignores that he has staked his reputation on heavy drinking: he tweets more than 15 million Twitter followers almost daily with messages crowing about how much he drinks and is famous for his signature Twitter tagline, 'Drunk,'" lawyers for In Touch write in a recently filed motion to strike.

"Shelton also ignores the years of press - which went unchallenged by any legal claims - documenting how his ex-wife, among others, were so upset by his alcohol consumption that she told him to go to rehab.

"By this action, Shelton attempts to walk back a public image he created. Yet the law does not allow for selective amnesia."

Yes, it sounds like Blake will either have to drop the case or prepare for a serious legal battle.

Considering he'd probably like to avoid being publicly grilled about his drinking habits, our money is on the former.

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