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If you watched the 2016 Academy Awards on Sunday night then you probably remember the moment that host Chris Rock caught his star-studded off-guard with an unexpected request.

No, we’re not talking about when he asked them to laugh at Stacey Dash’s painfully awkward cameo. We’re talking about the humorously heartwarming segment during which Rock helped his daughter win her troop’s top honor by selling the most Girl Scout cookies.

Chris Rock Sells Girl Scout Cookies

Stars forked over cash in exchange for boxes of Thin Mints, and other, inferior cookies (Aaron Rodgers reportedly took one for the team by shelling out for a box of Savannah Smiles), and Rock later took the stage to proudly declare that his daughter and her friends had raised a whopping $65,243.

Unfortunately, it seems the actual number was a bit lower. Like, about $63,000 lower.

Yes, according to multiple outlets the troop only sold 500 boxes, thus bringing in about $2,500.

Reps for the Academy claim that the big reveal was intended to be part of a comedy bit, but lots of viewers say they thought the 65,000 figure was legit. 

Sounds like an innocent misunderstanding, but if you’re seething with rage over Rock’s cookie deception, prepare to get even more pissed off:

Those girls weren’t even from his daughter’s Girl Scout troop!

Oh, well. At the end of the day, some folks who can definitely afford it forked over cash to a worthy organization.

If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at Stacey Dash for trying her hand at comedy.