Jenelle Evans to Amber Portwood: Matt Baier is a LOSER!!!

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Despite many, many indications that the guy is a sleazy deadbeat dad who's only after money and fame, Amber Portwood is still engaged to Matt Baier.

Sadly, Amber's situation has gotten so dire that it's fallen upon Jenelle Evans to talk some sense into her:

Jenelle on Teen Mom 2
Amber on the Phone

When Jenelle is the voice of reason in your life, you know your life has taken some bad turns, but the girl was speaking trunth on Twitter last night.

Of course, she did it by talking trash. This is still Jenelle we're talking about, after all:

"He was a Twitter hater,” Jenelle tweeted to Amber. “Stalker. After your money. You are being fooled. I wish you would see that. Not against you.”

Baier used to trash Jenelle on social media, back when he was just an obsessive Teen Mom fan with dreams of gaining fame by banging one of his favorite reality stars, so it makes sense that Jenelle isn't a big fan of the guy.

The "stalker" part probably refers to the fact that Baier hit on Farrah Abraham before getting shot down and turning his attention to Amber.

Unfortunately, Ms. Portwood is completely blind to her man's faults, and she defended him against Jenelle's accusations:

“Matt is a sweet guy and stopped saying things about you when we started talking because I told him about all the heartache I went through from people hating on me,” Amber tweeted.

“It takes someone in our position to explain things for people to really know. We have nothing but love for y’all. And he’s a great guy. Stop reading articles, you should know because you should know, that s**t is fake.”

Yes, at first, Amber kept it civil.

It was only after a fan asked Jenelle if Matt after flirted with her online, and Evans replied, "Ew, no," that the gloves came off:

“Ew no? Well I’ll see you in March sweetheart. But watch your mouth around me,” Amber tweeted back. “Bitch I’ll see you soon lol.”

Note to MTV: Get these two in an apartment together for a spinoff, ASAP!

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