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As you may have heard, Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier is turning out to be kind of a sketchy dude.

And by "kind of sketchy," we mean he Baier might have 8 kids by 6 different women, all of whom he’s failed to support financially. 

Amber and Matt

At first, it looked like Baier only had 7 kids (note: that’s the only time you’ll see "only" and "7 kids" in the same sentence). 

That was something of a scandalous revelation in its own right, because 1.) Matt’s last name is not Duggar, and 2.) he had led Amber to believe he had five children, and played an active role in all their lives.

It wasn’t until Matt’s alleged sixth baby mama – a Boston native named Kelli Maguire Nunn – came forward demanding child support for her 8-year-old daughter that Amber (and the rest of the world) learned Matt might be the deadbeat dad equivalent of a serial killer.

Baier initially denied fathering a child with Nunn, but now, Radar Online is reporting that Nunn has filed court documents proving that Baier admitted to being the dad in a 2009 deposition.

Nunn is currently suing Baier for nearly $11,000 in back child support.

It’s beginning to look like Amber may have chosen the biggest loser boyfriend in Teen Mom, which if you know anything about the show, is no small feat.