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This may shock you, but it seems to us that Jenelle Evans doesn’t always consider the potential consequences of her actions.

For example, when Jenelle had Nathan Griffith arrested for larceny last month, she probably didn’t think about the fact that she would eventually be forced to testify against him in court.

Jathan Photo

Now, if someone stole your car, which is what Jenelle initially claimed Nathan did, you’d probably be happy to testify against them.

But Jenelle called 911 on Nathan for taking a car that was registered to him without asking her first.

With two custody battles coming up (one of them against Griffith), Jenelle has a lot on her plate and she probably just wants this pesky little larceny case to go away, but unfortunately, that’s not how the law works.

In fact, Radar Online is now reporting that Jenelle was subpoenaed today, and will be forced to testify in Griffith’s upcoming trial.

“Jenelle was served by the sheriff,” one insider tells the website.

“Jenelle’s boyfriend David Eason also has to appear in court on April 4 against Nathan. He got summoned too.”

Evans is reportedly nervous, as she’s afraid that if there are any discrepancies between her testimony and her original police report, it may hurt her fight for sole legal custody of her and Griffith’s son, Kaiser.

Probably the sort of thing she should’ve thought about before she called the cops to settle a minor disagreement. Just sayin’.