Jenelle Evans: Ex Nathan Griffith ARRESTED on Larceny Charges

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Nathan Griffith was arrested yesterday on larceny charges that were filed against him by baby mama and Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans.

Nathan and Jenelle Evans

Last week we reported that Nathan stole Jenelle's car and about $1,000 worth of belongings that were in it.

According to Radar Online, Nathan turned himself in at the New Hanover County sheriff's office and was accompanied by his attorney.

“Nathan turned himself in on the warrant that was issued for misdemeanor larceny,” his attorney, Megan Milliken, told the site.

However, the police did not detain him and released him on his own word.

“He was given an unsecured bond," Milliken added.

"What that means is that he did not have to ‘put up’ any money; instead, he was only required to promise to attend all of his court dates."

Okay. Sounds like the po-po are pretty trusting over in North Carolina, and Jenelle's ex now roams free.

“Because it was a warrant - it was a violent North Carolina warrant - he shows up at the front desk,” explained Lt. Jerry Brewer of the sheriff's office.

“The front desk people said, ‘OK, come with us,’ patted him down and made sure he didn’t have any weapons, put handcuffs on him, walked him about 100 feet to the magistrate, took the handcuffs off and saw the magistrate."

"He was out yesterday afternoon.”

Apparently the arrest warrant was not issued by law enforcement, but by Jenelle herself if you can believe that.

“North Carolina is one of just a few jurisdictions in the United States where a private citizen can go to a magistrate and obtain a warrant on another private citizen,” Milliken explained.

“That is what happened in this case.”

Nathan reportedly took the car to seize a stroller and other items he had bought for their son, Kaiser, in order to prove to the court that he is a good dad. 

Go ahead and chuckle at the irony. We'll hold.

Jenelle was obviously furious and shot off a bunch of screamy tweets directed at her ex, but has since removed them.

The drama seems to be taking a toll on Jenelle physically. Last week she was hospitalized for a mysterious illness that some believe may have been caused by anxiety.

Nathan's court date is currently set for March 7.

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