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Last week, Tori Spelling was hospitalized after a number of mysterious symptoms including crippling migraine headaches.

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Many in the actress’ inner circle attributed her ailments to stress, as Spelling’s financial difficulties have accumulated over the past few weeks, resulting in a highly-publicized lawsuit from American Express, and forcing her to sell her home in tony Calabasas and love her family into a much smaller rental property in middle-class Encino. 

Spelling suffered a nervous breakdown in 2014, and it’s been widely reported that she displayed similar symptoms in the days before her most recent hospitalization.

Of course, when an otherwise healthy patient displays symptoms of severe anxiety, they’re usually kept for two or three days of observation.

Spelling was in a private room at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles for nearly an entire week, leading many to wonder if her condition might be more serious than previously thought.

“They had her on IVs for hydration and medicine for the headache,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online. 

It seems that while Spelling has been openly discussing the treatment that she received during her hospital stay, she’s remained tight-lipped on the nature of her condition.

Our thoughts go out to Tori and her family during this difficult time. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.