Candy Spelling Pays Tori Spelling's Bills! Not Helping With Amex Suit!

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Candy Spelling is a true Hollywood champion.  

On January 19th, Aaron Spelling's widow was getting into her car after dinner at West Hollywood celebrity haunt, Madeo when a TMZ videographer asked her about Tori Spelling's financial woes.

The videographer brought up the $38,000 + lawsuit American Express filed against her daughter, who took out a loan last summer when money was tight.  Tori also suffered burns after an accident at a local Benihana, which required medical attention.

Candy remained expressionless as the videographer yammered on, as if she was all too aware of the position Tori and husband Dean McDermott have found themselves in.

"Would you be willing to help her out?" The videographer asked.

"I've been helping her out," Candy answered.  "I'm paying all her bills now.  I'm not paying [for] extras like that."

"But she has a year of back payments," the videographer pressed on.

"I'm not paying any back payments," Candy continued.  "Just for the house and the kids' school, and the food."

"Why did she miss a bunch of payments?"

"I don't know," Candy replied breezily.  "Extravagance, I guess."

Dean has reportedly asked Tori to consider filing for bankruptcy, since they owe money to other credit card companies as well.

However, a source told Radar Online that Tori refuses to even discuss the possibility of bankruptcy,"

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