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Last month, Jenelle Evans was hospitalized after experiencing a number of symptoms that were initially chalked up to severe anxiety.

The news wasn’t terribly surprising, as the troubled mother of two leads an incredibly stressful life.

Jenelle Evans in Miami

Jenelle returned home the same day, and it was widely assumed that her problem had been sufficiently addressed.

Recent developments, however, indicate that Evans is still struggling with some sort of ailment, and that it may be more than just anxiety making her sick.

Jenelle opened up about her health problems last week, revealing that she took a trip to New York City to undergo tesyting, but she didn’t provide any specifics about her symptoms or the results of the tests.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Jenelle has been hospitalized again

“She’s in the hospital in North Carolina right now,” says a source close to the situation. “She just went this morning. She drove herself and is there with Dave and Kaiser.”

“She can’t walk from her muscles in her legs and hips being so weak. She’s dizzy and very pale. She’s also having hot flashes and cramps.”

Apparently, doctors believe they may have discovered the root of the problem, and the tentative diagnosis is more than a little frightening: 

“They think it’s her pituitary gland in her brain causing all of this,” the insider says. “That might mean a tumor, but Jenelle’s not sure.”

The source adds that if doctors determine that Jenelle needs surgery, she’ll likely have to go under the knife as soon as possible.

Yet another difficulty in a life that’s already been full of challenges.