Jenelle Evans: Hospitalized For Mysterious Illness!

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Jenelle Evans has experienced just about every kind of drama over the past few years, but none of it has been more worrisome that her frequent health scares.

Jenelle Evans Gets Glam

Jenelle has been hospitalized for everything from unexplained injuries to dehydration, and now Radar Online is reporting that the troubled Teen Mom star is currently laid up for unknown reasons.

“Jenelle is in the hospital right now and has been in and out all week. She doesn’t know what’s wrong," a source close to the situation tells Radar. 

A different insider believes her condition may something to do with Jenelle's recent arrest and looming court date:

“She said she was too stressed,” says the second source. “She went to the hospital for anxiety.

“Her nerves are all messed up in her body and she has restless leg syndrome and can hardly walk. She has shortness of breath and loss of coordination and balancing when walking.

“She’s having hot flashes like insane and overload in ever sense of her body. She feels like she has arthritis in her knees.”

It seems, however, that despite receiving multiple opinions, Jenelle simply doesn't agree with that diagnosis:

“Jenelle doesn’t think it’s stress-related," says the source.

"The other hospital said it was anxiety, but they ran simple blood tests and Jenelle told them they were wrong, and to take a thyroid test on her. They refused and discharged her and sent her home.”

Jenelle has since been re-admitted and the insider says, “They are testing everything now.”

Here's hoping for the best. If there's anyone who doesn't need more drama in her life, it's Jenelle.

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