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So much for sleeping in heavenly peace.

On The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 9, the brothers Salvatore found themselves on the losing end of a feud with Julian, ending their run on Thursday nights in a similar predicament.

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Indeed, when The Vampire Diaries Season 7 returns on Friday (yes, Friday!), January 29, Damon and Stefan will each be living through their own personal versions of Hell.

The siblings tried to team up in order to take down their late mother’s lover and, simply put, they failed.

After tracking Julian to his hometown and then getting into a fight over whether they could defeat him and the small army he built up there, Stefan and Damon returned home.

The latter didn’t really care about avenging his mom’s death, but Stefan would not let the issue go.

He worked with Valerie to kidnap Mary-Louise in order to draw Julian out, but this just made him mad.

It all led to a showdown in Mystic Falls, one Julian won when he plunged the Phoenix Stone-infused sword into Damon’s gut.

He then ran away, leaving Stefan to wonder about all the terrible things Damon was living through again as a result of being trapped in that stone.

(The viewers got a look, for example, of Damon fighting in the Civil War.)

But just as Stefan was mourning his brother… BAM! Nora, angry over the Mary Louise abduction (and having knocked Bonnie out earlier because she believed she played a role in it, showed up out of nowhere.

She somehow had the sword and she plunged it into Stefan.

So that’s how The Vampire Diaries wrapped up 2015: with brothers brothers down, out and stuck in the Phoenix Stone.

While you ponder their fate and go watch The Vampire Diaries online in order to get your fill prior to the show’s return, here’s a look at what else went down this week:

  • THREE YEARS INTO THE FUTURE, we saw that Stefan was living with Valerie in Chicago. They are seemingly in love and happy, but he’s taking off to go save Caroline and Damon.
  • Caroline is not reacting well to being a pregnant vampire. Her hormones are a mess, which means she’s often lashing out in dangerous ways.
  • No Matt or Enzo sighting, so no update on who is helping the former round up vampires such as the latter.

What did you think of the winter finale?

Will you follow The Vampire Diaries when it moves to Fridays?