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As you may have heard the first episode Kate Plus 8 Season 4 premiered on Tuesday night.

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Of course, there’s a good chance that you didn’t hear, because the show returned after a long hiatus with very little fanfare – which may help explain why Kate and company received their lowest ratings to date.

According to Radar Online the Kate Plus 8 season premiere was watched by just 955,000 viewers. That’s less than half of the show’s audience from last season.

“It’s the same old story,” one production insider told Radar. “The past is played out and there are too many other things going on in the world.”

Another insider blamed Kate with a much more succinct explanation: “She’s just not very likeable."

"Not very likeable" is putting it mildly, of course.

In recently released excerpts from a tell-all entitled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, Kate admits to physically abusing her children in shocking diary entries unearthed by author Robert Hoffman.

Viewers were first drawn to the Gosselins as a family that struggled in a relatable fashion, but also seemed bound together by tremendous love for one another.

Jon and Kate’s divorce and the years of bad press that followed have soured that impression to the point that the public’s interest in Kate these days is mainly limited to unfavorable tabloid impressions.

Producers have promised a glimpse into Kate’s dating life in upcoming episodes, but if that doesn’t draw in viewers, Gosselin may suffer the embarrassment of a midseason cancelation.

Watch Kate Plus 8 online at TV Fanatic if you’re one of the few Kate fans left in the world (or if you just want to see her go down in flames).