15 Best Shows in CW History: Ranked!

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The CW (formerly The WB) has been around now for over 20 years.

In that time, he has aired a few clunkers, a few average programs and a handful of entertaining dramas that some would label as "guilty pleasures."

We prefer to think of them collectively as "fun television."

From paranormal creates to ancient vampires, and superheroes to angsty teens, CW characters have spanned many genres and unforgettable programs.

And here's a rundown of the 15 best in network history:

15. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie
With this cast of beloved actors, it always felt like Hart of Dixie was born to be a huge hit, only it never realized its full potential. Still, it built a loyal following from its core devotees from 2011-15.

14. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin
We can't put this much higher because it's barely been on the air for a full season. But Gina Rodriguez earned the network's first-ever Golden Globe due to her amazing performance as Jane.

13. 7th Heaven

7th Heaven
So much cheesy goodness. This was like Full House for an older generation, and it introduced the world fo Jessica Biel!!!

12. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill lasted past its expiration point. It was never the same after Chad Michael Murray left. But Nathan, Haley and occasional basketball for good measure? Enough said.

11. Smallville

We're just gonna come right out and say it: Superman is a very boring superhero. But a teenage Clark Kent? Making his way through high school and slowly learning more and more about his powers? This managed to hold our interest for 10 exciting seasons.

10. Dawson's Creek

Dawson's Creek
We don't wanna wait... any longer to include this show on our countdown. Few shows have handled teen angst as well as Dawson's Creek and even fewer have pulled off a love triangle as well.

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