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We thought we were good this year, writers of The Originals.

We didn’t think we deserved what you made us suffer through at the end of The Originals Season 3 Episode 9.

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Most of the show’s winter finale was sort of a mess.

It focused on the return of Rebekah and, while we adore Claire Holt in this role, it all came across as random and haphazard:

Rebekah was suffering from a mark on her arm, the result of that dagger Aya had plunged into her before dropping her in a coffin and then burying her underwear, per Aurora’s orders.

But Elijah then recovered her sister and brought her back to the compound, where said mark made Rebekah go sort of insane.

There was a lot of yelling and a big fight between Rebekah and Hayley (who made up this week with Jackson)… but then Freya came up with a magical solution and the situation seemed to be fixed.

Yet Rebekah still had to leave because she and her brothers determined that it would help their fight against their sires of Lucien, Tristan and Aurora believed she was still in that coffin, under their control.

But another twist: Rebekah said her goodbyes, only to later call Elijah and tell him the mark had returned.

He had to dagger her in order to keep her under control. He could awaken her when things calmed down and when Freya came up with a new way to make the mark disappear.

Reluctantly, Elijah agreed.

Perhaps the Rebekah cameo was meant to serve as a bait and switch.

With viewers focused on her return, they likely did not see the crazy ending coming:

After Klaus and Camille finally admitted their feelings for each other, they ended up in bed together (ooooh, yeah!!!!), only for Klaus to then wake up with blood on his hands.

It was Cami’s blood. Her throat had been slashed.

It’s safe to assume she’s dead, right? Her throat was most definitely all the way slashed.

And it’s safe to assume Aurora did the dirty deed, right? Although it seems rather far-fetched that she could sneak into the Mikaelson compound undetected and then even into Klaus’ bedroom and kill the woman sleeping in his arms.

Doesn’t Klaus have, like, REALLY good hearing?

We’ll learn plenty more when the series moves to Fridays and returns on January 29.

For now, you can watch The Originals online to confirm what happened at the end and you can react in the Comments below:

Is Cami really dead?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?