Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude, Fakes Wardrobe Malfunctions

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We know you've seen Lindsay Lohan naked before, but like any great artist (or desperate, coked up-has been) Lindsay knows how to offer up new variations on an old idea.

First, there's her latest cover shoot. It's an artsy black-and-white job for some magazine you've never heard of:

Lindsay Lohan No Tofu Cover

So yeah, it's exactly like the last 17 Lindsay Lohan cover shots in that way.

Where LiLo really gets creative is in the accompanying video that she made for the bafflingly-titled No Tofu magazine.

Unlike when Lindsay posed for Playboy, or when she ran around naked at that wedding, or any of the other hundreds of times she's flashed her goods to the world, she's pretending like the nudity is accidental this time.

Because obviously, Lindsay Lohan is nothing if not shy.

Be warned, this video contains nothing you haven't seen many, many times before:

Yes, Linds kept the artsy B&W theme going in some exotic European-looking locale, guzzling champagne straight from the bottle, writhing around to some lounge version of a Taylor Swift song, and flashing her T&A.

We're not sure why this video exists, but we suppose it's a slightly less obvious cry for attention than the time Lindsay wore a fake engagement ring to a party. 

We're kinda feeling this mega-desperate phase of her "career." We can't wait to see what she pulls next. We're guessing nude sky-diving over an NFL game. 

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