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It’s been almost three weeks since Charlie Sheen revealed that he’s HIV positive during an interview with Matt Lauer, and the wild and bizarre stories about the bad boy actor’s personal life haven’t stopped since.

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Sheen’s been accused of hiding his condition from sex partners, thus putting their health in serious peril.

Some have gone so far as to call Sheen a "criminal" and claim that he slept with scores of men and women without revealing his diagnosis. 

Now, a woman who knows Sheen very well – his former fiance Brett Rossi (aka Scottine Sheen) – claims that Charlie eventually told her about her diagnosis, but only after putting her at risk on hundreds of occasions.

According to court papers obtained by Radar Online, Rossi is suing Sheen, claiming that even after he revealed his diagnosis, Sheen would regularly put both of their lives at risk by using hard drugs and neglecting to take his HIV treatment medication.

“Between July and September 2014, Sheen became increasingly less responsible in taking his HIV medication as a result of his illegal drug use," Rossi’s lawyers claim

They go on to state that during that time “he had relapsed on crack cocaine…he had used crack cocaine at least three times that month.”

Rossi says that she would ask “if he was taking the medication, and he would convince her he was, but then she would determine later that, in fact, he was not taking it at certain times.”

According to her lawyers (and anyone with common sense), "This was very concerning…as he put her at substantial risk of contracting HIV by not taking his medication.”

Attorneys for the former adult film star say this behavior continued throughout the relationship and was a contributing factor to Sheen and Rossi’s breakup back in November of 2014.

Sadly, Rossi says she believes that Sheen is still taking potentially deadly risks with his health.