18 Celebrities with HIV

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Charlie Sheen came out and stunned the world in an interview with Matt Lauer, telling The Today Show host that he's HIV positive.

By confirming this news, the actor has joined a list of famous people (from all industries) who have been diagnosed with this terrible illness.

We send our best to Sheen as we rundown the company he has now joined below...

1. Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson retired from the NBA and made this shocking announcement in 1992. He has gone on to have a wildly successful career in broadcasting and in business.

2. Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury, the lead singer for rock band Queen, became the first major singer to pass away from AIDS. He died in 1991.

3. Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe
Arthur Ashe tragically contracted HIV from a blood transfusion. He passed away from AIDS-related pneumonia in 1993.

4. Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins was best known for his lead role in Psycho. The actor was secretive about his diagnosis and he died from complications with AIDS-related pneumonia in 1992.

5. Robert Reed

Robert Reed
Reed will forever be best known for playing Mike Brady on the The Brady Bunchh. He died due to colon cancer in 1992, but physicians believe that HIV also played into his death.

6. Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison
Morrison retired from boxing in 1996 after testing positive for HIV. He also had a role in Rocky V. The boxer died from AIDS in 2013.

7. Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson went public with his AIDS diagnosis in 1985. He died just three months later.

8. Denholm Elliot

Denholm Elliot
The veteran actor (Trading Place) was diagnosed with HIV in 1987. He died from AIDS-related tuberculosis in 1992.

9. Michael Jeter

Michael Jeter
Best known for his turn in The Green Mile, Michael Jeter died at age 50. He was diagnosed with HIV, thought it is not thought that the disease was a factor in his death.

10. Eazy-E

Eazy-E was diagnosed with AIDS when he went to the hospital to treat what he believed to be asthma. The rapper died from complications from AIDS mere weeks later.

11. Liberace

Throughout his life in the spotlight, Liberace publicly denied being gay. The beloved musician passed away due to complications with AIDS in 1987.

12. Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis
Gold medal-winning vier Greg Louganis was diagnosed with HIV in 1988. Active in the LGBT community, he is still alive.

13. Tom Fogerty

Tom Fogerty
Creedence Clearwater Revival guitarist Tom Fogerty lost his life from AIDS complications in 1990. The artist contracted HIV from a blood transfusion.

14. Chuck Panozzo

Chuck Panozzo
Styx bassist Chuck Panozzo announced in 2001 that he was gay and living with HIV. He has become a spokesperson for information on the disease.

15. Pedro Zamora

Pedro Zamora
Pedro Zamora was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS prior to being cast on The Real World: San Fransisco. He helped educate viewers about the disease and died from complications with AIDS in 1994.

16. John Holmes

John Holmes
John Holmes tested HIV positive in 1986. The famous porn star claimed publicly that he was suffering from colon cancer; however, he died of AIDS-related causes in 1988.

17. Danny Pintauro

Danny Pintauro
Danny Pintauro (best known for his role on Who's the Boss?) revealed that he was HIV positive on Oprah in 2015. He was diagnosed with HIV in 2003 after experimenting with crystal meth and unprotected sex.

18. Charlie Sheen

And now we can add Charlie Sheen to this list. Who ever would have believed it?

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