15 Bizarre Charlie Sheen Facts

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Charlie Sheen has certainly had a wild past. Here are some of the many highlights.

1. He Once Thought He Watched a Snuff Film

He Once Thought He Watched a Snuff Film
In 1991, Charlie and some friends contacted the FBI about what they believed to be a footage of actual murders. Turns out it was just a Japanese horror film.

2. His Tattoos Are Every Bit As Crazy As He Is!

Charlie Brown, the Cincinatti Reds, death threats to ex -wives...what do these thigs have in common? They're all immortalized on Charlie Sheen's body in tattoo form! Speaking of threatening to kill people...

3. He's a Fan of Death Threats

He's a Fan of Death Threats
Charlie has threatened to kill people ranging from his ex-wives to his former bosses on several occasions. You or I might go to jail for something like that, but we're not warlocks.

4. He Shot Kelly Preston!

He Shot Kelly Preston!
Sheen "accidentally" shot John Travolta's wife while they were dating in the early 90s. Needless to say, the relationship dissolved shortly thereafter.

5. Lindsay Lohan Just Wants Him to Shut Up!

Lindsay Lohan Just Wants Him to Shut Up!
Charlie Sheen thought he would be a good mentor to Lindsay Lohan (ed. note: HAHAHAHA!). In fact he kept mentioning the idea in interviews until the troubled actress reportedly begged Charlie to stop talking about her.

6. He Was Business Partners With Bret Michaels

He Was Business Partners With Bret Michaels
Charlie and Bret formed a film production company in the 90s. The two even co-wrote and co-directed a film entitled No Code of Conduct. Sadly, it's hard to find a DVD copy.

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