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As we reported earlier, several sources have confirmed that Charlie Sheen will reveal his HIV diagnosis during an interview with Matt Lauer Tuesday morning.

Insiders claim that Sheen has known about his condition for over a year but went to great lengths to keep it a secret, even from those closest to him.

According to TMZ, the actor recently decided to share the news of his struggle with a group of close friends, at least one of whom apparently took the information to a media outlet.

Shortly thereafter, several former sex partners reportedly contacted Sheen and informed the 50-year-old that they intended to sue him for putting their health at risk by failing to disclose his diagnosis.

The website claims that Sheen settled several cases out of court (some as recently as late last month), but the never-ending legal entanglements threatened to make it impossible for him to keep his diagnosis a secret.

Being forced to pay the plaintiffs extra in order to get them to sign non-disclosure agreements was apparently becoming a major financial burden for Sheen, and sources say that he’s decided that it would simply be easier to go public with his condition.

Sheen is usually active on social media, but has been radio silent for the past three weeks.

We’ll have updates on his condition as more information becomes available.