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Back in August, the world learned that Josh Duggar had cheated on his wife with an adult film star named Danica Dillon, whom he allegedly paid several thousand dollars in exchange for sex.

Obviously, no one was more shocked than Josh’s beleaguered wife, Anna Duggar. 

Fortunately, a new report from In Touch claims that Anna handled the situation in the most level-headed fashion possible  – and immediately went to her doctor to get tested.

“She got tested for STDs,” an insider told Life & Style. “She was relieved to get a clean bill of health.”

Yes, Anna may be stuck with a sinfully tainted Duggar, but she’s free of sexually transmitted diseases.

Unfortunately, friends say that despite the close call, Anna has no plans to divorce Josh.

In fact, according to sources close to the couple, Anna and Josh are planning to renew their vows – right after Josh finishes rehab for his sex and porn addictions.

“It’s been really stressful for Anna,” says one insider. “She’s contemplating divorce, but now Josh wants them to renew their wedding vows in front of both of their families.”

Anna has reportedly considered the possibility of ending her marriage, but friends say her feeling of obligation to her children and her devoutly religious parents has prevented her from filing papers.

Josh, of course, is also pressuring Anna to keep her family together.

Sources say the eldest Duggar has convinced Anna to have another child with him, even going so far as to claim that it’s “God’s will” for them to continue to reproduce.

Astonishingly, those closest to Anna say that she’s open to the idea of having a fifth child with her philandering husband.

She reportedly believes that the combination of rehab and the responsibility of raising another child will help Josh to keep it in his pants.

Sadly, Anna seems to have forgotten that Josh cheated on her while she was pregnant in the past. 

Call us cynical, but we have a hard time believing that the fifth time will be the charm.