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Last night on Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 9, the couples revealed traumatic events, with the goal of forgiving those who hurt them.

You know what this means … rehashing the "fondling" scandal starring Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett and Ava London for the 297th time!

Watch Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 9 Online
Watch Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 9 Online

To recap, news broke in mid-2014 that Hank had an alleged affair with a transgender model while his wife, Kendra, was eight months pregnant.

In July, having milked this for more than a year, Baskett finally admitted that he "messed up" and put himself "in a bad situation" at the time.

The model fondled him over the shorts, or so Hank claims … there were no dueling hand jobs and climaxing together as Ava told the tabloids.

He also said he only met her while trying to score some weed and ended up in her apartment by chance; Ava says he sought her out online.

We’ll never know for sure the logistics of Hank Baskett and Ava London did, or didn’t do, but man has Kendra turned this into reality TV gold.

It’s even continuing on Kendra on Top Season 4 (see below).

On Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 9, Hank engaged in a therapy exercise with one of the WE tv show’s marriage counselors, Jim Carroll.

Carroll played the role of the transgender model.

"You’re such a handsome guy," he says, as he stands facing Baskett, rubbing his shoulders. "I’ll keep my mouth shut if you give me $5,000."

"Nobody will ever know what we did."

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Carroll’s wife Elizabeth says the forgiveness exercise is designed to expunge "emotional trauma inflicted by a person or an event from your past."

"Hank wanted to address his childhood asthma, but he’s avoiding the much bigger obstacle in his marriage right now," Elizabeth says.

Ya think? Asthma, Hank? Really?

Jim told the cameras that unless Baskett can forgive London, "who made his private life very public, his and Kendra’s relationship will not heal."

He touches Hank once again.

"Put your hands on me. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?" he says. "We can have a good time together cause that’s what I’m going to tell everybody."

"You and me are a couple. I control you. You’re never going to be free of me. I got you all locked up … just like you were in our house."

"You couldn’t even move."

Awkward? Hilarious? Both?

"No. I’m forgiving this. I forgive," says Baskett, resisting the temptation. "I forgive you for this pain that you have put my family through."

"My kids … who have no idea what’s going on in the world, who have to see this one day. I forgive you for everything you’ve done."

Also, "I forgive myself," he says, his voice starting to crack. "I forgive myself in this – the pain that I put on myself, the people I love."

Emmy voters, you watch Marriage Boot Camp online?! He may not have lasted long in the NFL, but he could have a future in acting.