Scott Disick: Reaching Out to Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram?

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It's been almost a month since Kourtney Kardashian dumped Scott Disick, and the Lord is still being uncharacteristically quiet online.

Is he finding life as a single man less appealing than it seemed back when he felt he was trapped in a nine-year relationship?

Perhaps. Disick sort of broke his silence on Instagram last night by posting the pic below, along with an intriguing caption:

Scott Disick: Sad on Instagram

The photo shows Scott's place card from the wedding of his friend J.J. Corsini. The caption reads, "When u realize the grass isn't always greener."

Some of his followers believe Scott was expressing regret over his failed relationship, which he personally torpedoed earlier this summer.

Admitting that he'd envied his single friends in the past, does he now realize the life of a lonely bachelor isn't all it's cracked up to be.

However, others read into the same post differently, believing that Scott is expressing his relief at having dodged the marriage bullet.

These fans think the post suggests that as he watched his friend take the plunge, Scott realized how much he loves life as a free man.

Who knew that a guy whose biggest concerns in life seem to be booze, blow and blondes could be so cryptic and arcane?

Disick's previous comments about the breakup have been limited to press agent-approved BS about "staying positive."

He has hosted parties (and been roasted on Twitter for it) but was reportedly subdued in doing so, while making time to see his kids.

In other words, we really have no way of knowing how he feels about getting kicked to the curb following the bender to end all benders.

As for Kourtney, she's reportedly having regrets about dumping Scott, so perhaps his latest Instagram pic was a way of reaching out to his ex.

In any event, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see these two get back together, because that's kind of how they roll.

Kourtney has forgiven him for this kind of thing before, and say what you will about the Lord, he knows how to talk his way out of a tight spot.

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