Hank Baskett Admits Being Fondled by Ava London!

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Has the truth finally come out?

Those who watch Marriage Boot Camp online have spent the past few weeks witnessing Kendra Wilkinson slowly but surely freak out on national television.

The former Playboy centerfold has both defended her husband against cheating allegations... while also going off on her husband for those alleged cheating allegations.

Did Baskett really step out on a pregnant Kendra last year? With a transgender model named Ava London?!?

In a revealing, supposedly honest interview with People Magazine, Baskett says yes. Kind of. Sort of. But not really.

"I messed up," Baskett does say. "I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family."

So, what exactly went down?

Last April, the former professional football player claims he came across a couple smoking pot in a supermarket parking lot.

He went over to purchase some and was given the phone number of their dealer. 

Eventually, Baskett was also given an address and showed up at an apartment to make the (illegal) transaction.

He entered the residence... he used the bathroom... he came out ... and, in Hank's own words, "I saw something I thought I would never see in my life."

That would be a naked transgender woman making out with another transgender woman.

Baskett explains that he “froze” when one of the women started to fondle him through his shorts, comparing the incident to a “bank robbery.”

But “I didn't engage in anything,” Baskett insists, going on to say he was too ashamed to come clean about the incident.

London, of course, tells a VERY different story.

She's on record as saying she jerked Baskett off to completion and that the two engaged in a relationship that went on beyond a single incident.

Once the rumor mill got a hold of Baskett's relationship with London, Kendra flipped out.

She flushed her wedding ring down the toilet and claimed in interview after interview that her marriage was in trouble.

(She also filmed an entire season's worth of Kendra on Top based on the story.) 

What does she say now about her husband and his supposed non-affair?

"Hank was very naïve and gullible," she tells People. "He thinks everybody is his friend. That led him to the Hell that we've lived."

Yes, it sure does sound like Hell.

Some random woman touched Baskett's junk, through his clothing, for a few seconds and the couple turned the situation into buckets full of cash via reality shows, magazine interviews and photo shoots.

Someone please cue the violins...

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