Kendra Wilkinson Grills Hank Baskett on Logistics of Ava London Hand Job

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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have a message to anyone who believes they are faking their ongoing marital struggles:

Fake THIS!!!!

WEtv has released a pair of clips from this Friday's new episode of Marriage Boot Camp... and they are crazy intense!

In the first sneak peek, a teary-eyed Hank can barely hold himself together while Kendra asks him once and for all to confess his infidelity sins.

Did he really receive a hand job from transgender model Ava London? Has he been lying to her this entire time? What, Hank, actually happened in that hotel room?!?

Watch as Baskett cries his way through a confessional that mirrors the story he told a few weeks ago about being fondled over his shorts by London.

But was it really over his shorts? Did her hand make its way (GASP!) under his shorts?!? Again: WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT HOTEL ROOM, HANK?!?

Kendra presses this question in the second clip above, trying to figure out how to parse Baskett's non-committed answer.

Baskett and Wilkinson have milked this affair (or whatever one wants to call it) for well over a year now.

It all started when Ava London claimed, in no uncertain terms, that she and Hank brought each other to orgasm on at least one occasion.

She has made their affair sound very much like an affair.

But the videos featured here tell Hank's side of the story - and he's apparently sticking to it.

And Kendra is apparently believing him, considering she just Tweeted this week that she loves Baskett, she forgives Baskett and that critics should not f-ck with her concept of love.

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