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What really happened between Ava London and Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson’s cheating husband, on the infamous night that lives in reality TV infamy?

Hank has told a number of versions in the past six months, first telling his wife that it was all lie, then claiming he only went to her house to get weed.

He’s also claimed it was a setup, and while extortion may or may not have taken place after the fact, the transsexual model’s best friend says he’s lying.

Zhora Tillett, who was there that night, is dishing on the duo’s “steamy” sexual encounter, how it started, and what went down after Hank was finished …

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“I was there when he called Ava the first time. I was there when he got to the apartment. I was there while they were in the room together," says Zhora.

"I met him after he took a shower at the house,” Tillett stated, adding:

“Hank Baskett and Ava Sabrina London had a sexual encounter.”

Recent claims by Kendra and Hank that he was set up, and/or only met Ava by chance and went to her place to smoke weed, prompted her to speak out.

Tillett says there’s no way that happened as he’d have you believe.


Hank Baskett "was obviously at the apartment that day he met Ava,” Tillett said. “Even when he knew the story broke out, he thought it was me who sold the story.”

He “is obviously lying about coming [over] to get drugs,” Tillett adds. “Drugs were never involved … we’ve never done drugs in that house so he’s obviously lying.”

Like Ava London, she says it was Hank who initiated contact:

“Ava and I were hanging out getting ready to go to the pool when Hank called. He said he was one of her fans, that he had seen her pictures and her videos online."

"He wanted to stop by and say hi and meet her in person. So he came over,” she said. “He wanted to meet her because he thought she was beautiful.”

Tillett must not watch Kendra On Top online, because when he introduced himself as “Dave,” she insists she didn’t know his celebrity status whatsoever.

At the same time, it was clear something was going on there.

“When Hank came over at the house I was getting ready, I heard him and Ava talking outside… They got to know each other, and then they decided to go to the bedroom."

“When he walked in they were talking and then all of a sudden they were in the bedroom so obviously something sexual was going on,” Tillett claimed.

“Ava told me that her and Hank went into the bedroom and things got steamy. He obviously wanted to undress her and he wanted to see if she was really a transsexual."

“Ava just told me she and Hank went in the bedroom, he undressed her, he undressed himself, he wanted to touch her penis, which obviously he did."

"They were touching each other, ‘cause you know they were messing around. They were fooling around… it was really quick… he didn’t take that much to orgasm.”

Afterward, Hank showered, and met Zhora in a towel.

“I obviously knew they were done doing … I heard the shower. I went out to grab a drink and two minutes later Hank came out of the bathroom with a towel around him."

“He introduced himself. He said he was Dave. I said I’m Zhora," she said, noting that it was small talk. "We were just talking about ‘how’s your day is going.”

Only later did she know who this mysterious Dave really was.

“While Hank was getting dressed Ava told me that was Hank Baskett,” she said. “I really didn’t realize it was him that particular moment when he was in the apartment."

"After he left, that’s when I realized it was Hank Baskett.”

On tomorrow night’s Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 8, fans will see the We TV reality star grill Hank about whether he knew he was cheating with a guy.

To hear Ava and Zhora tell it, the whole time.

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