Kim Richards: Sober, Back With Monty Brinson, Returning to Acting?!

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It's been a wild few months for Kim Richards.

Back in April, Kim was arrested for kicking a cop while drunk. In hopes of avoiding jail time, Richards checked into rehab, but she left shortly thereafter to get drunk at her daughter's wedding.

Remarkably, the court gave Richards a second chance, and she's now found a treatment center that's a good fit she recently celebrated 40 days of sobriety.

This, according to Monty Brinson, who seems to also be hinting that he and ex-wife Kim are an item again.

Kim Richards, Monty Brinson Photo

The photo shows Monty visiting Kim in rehab on the Fourth of July and he begins his lengthy caption by stating that "the fireworks started early." Yup.

He goes on to reveal that Kim has been sober for nearly six weeks. What's even more surprising is she's apparently leaving the Housewives behind to make her return to scripted drama.

"All I can say is I'm so proud of Kim and can't wait til the premiere of your movie this month and for the world to see how beautiful and great you are doing," Brinson writes on Instagram. "Everyone loves a comeback and you will be seen in a positive light."

Confusingly, Brinson goes on to say that Richards' return to acting is not a comeback, as she's been acting for decades, and the show that made her famous (Housewives) was nothing more than a paycheck and a diversion to Kim.

“Since everything happen she has been offered multiple things,” he writes. “It’s not a comeback she been a actress since she was 4...Regarding the housewives she looked at as just a job everyone else was just looking for fortune and fame.” 

Not Kim! She's above all that fortune and fame nonsense! Now tell them more about her big Hollywood comeback, Monty!

For the record, Kim's IMDB page doesn't show any new projects on the horizon.

Sadly, it seems Kim may not have given her addiction to lying when she put down the bottle.

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