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Yesterday, we reported that Kim Richards attended her daughter’s wedding without the sober coach who was supposed to accompany her to the reception.

Now it looks like Kim took advantage of her free time to do a little tippling, because those in attendance say the troubled Housewife appeared to be either drunk or on drugs throughout her daughter’s big day.

Kim Richards Attends Daughter's Wedding
Photo via Picasa

No one actually saw Kim drinking or drugging, but wedding guests say the mother of the bride was "a mess" all day.

In fact, TMZ is reporting that Kim’s sober coach quit and her daughter is no longer speaking to her. 

Richards left rehab to attend the wedding in Cabo, and she originally planned to check back into treatment after she returned to the States.

Now, it looks like she’s nixed those plans, as the rehab facility instructed her to return by Monday, but Kim is reportedly still hanging out in Mexico.

Sources say Kim was verbally abusive to her daughter just minutes after the ceremony was completed, and at one point, she took to cursing out the groom’s family.

As for the sober coach, insiders say she quit in frustration after she was repeatedly unable to control an increasingly belligerent Kim.