Kim Richards Requests to Leave Rehab ... to Visit Dog

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The drama with Kim Richards is never ending.

After Kim Richards was arrested, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member interviewed with Dr. Phil about her relapse into alcoholism.

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First, Dr. Phil offered to pay for Kim's stint in rehab, but Richards initially declined. However, she changed her mind a few days later.

Since checking into rehab, she has blamed everyone else for her problems, including Dr. Phil.

After demanding a private room, Kim Richards is trying to ditch rehab. Raise your hands if you're surprised ... anyone?

“She pitched an absolute fit!” a source tells Radar Online.  “She wanted to leave for a few hours to go home and check on Kingsley.”

Kingsley is Kim Richards pitbull that has attacked a few people, including her niece.

What makes this really eff-ed up is that Kim wants to check on her dog who is being cared for by her ailing ex-husband, Monty Brinson.  

Monty is battling terminal cancer, and Kim wants to visit her freaking dog???

“Kim even asked a staffer if Kingsley could be brought on the premises to visit!” the source states. 

“She was told no, it wouldn’t be permitted, and she threatened to leave again. She is fighting the process.”

Monty, who has a good relationship with Kim, has been calling The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star since she checked into rehab.

The insider says, “Monty has assured Kim that Kingsley is being taken care of, and is getting enough exercise.”

Kingsley’s attack on her niece has been a serious point of contention between Kim and her sister and fellow RHOBH star, Kyle Richards.

Kyle’s daughter, Alexia, was bitten by Kingsley in November.  The sisters haven’t spoken in months because of the attack. 

At least that’s what Kim said during her Dr. Phil interview: “She actually texted me after my arrest for the first time in five months. She asked me if I was ok. I haven’t spoken to her.”

“It’s been a bad year for us,” Kim says.

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