Kim Kardashian Talks Sex Tape Secrets: Paris Hilton Was Pissed I Stole Her Thunder!

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Even though Kim Kardashian's Rolling Stone cover is disappointingly fully-clothed (Well, as clothed as Kim gets, anyway), Mrs. Kardashian-West had plenty to say about her life as a Famous Naked Person in her interview with the iconic music mag.

Kim Kardashian Rolling Stone Cover

Naturally, there were questions about Kim's sex tape and for once, she didn't deflect them with a smug, "Ugh, whatevs! I'm so over that thing that launched my career on set me on a path to becoming the most famous woman in the world!"

One sex tape specific that Kim had never delved into prior to the RS interview was the response from her former BFF Paris Hilton.

The Paris Hilton sex tape, of course, is the Citizen Kane of celebrities getting boned on film: It's inspired many imitators; it's not in color; and it hasn't aged very well.

Many felt that Kim was attempting to steal the spotlight when she "leaked" her own amateur porn. In fact, we now know that Paris herself felt that way.

"I don't think she was that happy," Kardashian says. "We didn't really talk about it. I probably would have thought, 'Oh, my gosh, let me give her advice,' but we had no communication."

Kim admits that her friendship with Paris had "fizzled" prior to the release of her Ray J skin-flick.

Even so, she says she was disappointed that her former bestie didn't offer any guidance, and she seems to imply that Paris was angry about the success of Kim's tape.

As for how that cinematic masterpiece went public, Kim still maintains that it wasn't intentional, and she was royally pissed when she found out about it.

She says she's not legally allowed to reveal the identity of the person who's responsible for it, but that the former friend has been cut out of her life.

Frankly, we think Kim should be thanking the unidentified leaker. Not only did this person help make Kim a household name, they also gave the world a film so beloved that it still inspires massive works of tribute art.

In fact, if Kim really wants to break the Internet, we think a sequel co-starring Kanye should do the trick.

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