Caitlyn Jenner to Appear on American Horror Story?!

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As if it wasn't already exciting enough knowing that Lady GaGa is starring in American Horror Story: Hotel! There is more good news! 

Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story creator, said that he might include Caitlyn Jenner in the series: “Maybe I’ll put Caitlyn on Horror Story,” Ryan said. “You never know. I wonder if she would act?”

Caitlyn Jenner in I Am Cait

According to Hollywood Life, Murphy feels there are a lot of comparisons between Jessica and Caitlyn. And since Jessica isn’t returning for American Horror Story: Hotel, there is room for one more actor.  Particularly, a glamorous replacement for Jessica.

Ryan said he would certainly consider Caitlyn.  He even has Jessica’s support!  Ryan said, “What I thought was the greatest thing of all was, [Jessica] said, ‘I love that.’”

He added, “I thought [Jessica] handled that in such a great, classy way…She said, ‘wait a minute, what? Oh, that’s great.’ I like that, I thought that was wonderful actually.”

Ryan’s choice to possibly include Jenner doesn’t just stem from the similarities between Lange and Jenner.  He is also a fan and supporter of Caitlyn.

“I’m a big fan of [Caitlyn’s],” Ryan stated. 

“And I’m really proud to live in a world with five years ago, if that had happened, it would be totally different. I thought [the comparisons] became instantly like a compliment as opposed to a detriment. I love that.”

Caitlyn is busy with her new reality show I Am Cait.  Let's hope she will still have time for American Horror Story while filming her own show!!

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