Ben Affleck Neglected Jennifer Garner, Put His Career Before His Marriage, Source Says

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In the 24 hours since the world first learned that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting divorced, many theories have sprung up regarding why one of Hollywood's favorite A-list couples decided to call it quits.

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We might never know exactly why Affleck and Garner split, but some a new source insists that the separation isn't a result of Ben's bad behavior, as previously thought.

Instead, the insider is claiming that it was Affleck's devotion to his newly-revived career led to the destruction of his marriage.

The source, who spoke with TMZ on condition of anonymity, says that when Ben went from the schlub who was roundly mocked for bombs like Gigli to the genius who was feted for helming Argo and The Town, it went to his head, and his fear of returning to the D-list became all-consuming.

The insider says Jen often complained that he wasn't a "present husband" and when he developed an obsession with getting ripped for his role as Batman, it was the final straw.

So Ben comes off as kind of a jerk in this story, but not as much as in other versions in which he was supposedly drinking and gambling his life away or cheating with Emily Ratajkowski

It's not every day you hear about someone throwing their marriage away for a movie. Batman v. Superman better be seriously badass. 

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