Kim Kardashian, Huge Boobs Cover Rolling Stone

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Kim Kardashian is a cover girl once again.

No, we don't have another Kim Kardashian Playboy pictorial to dissect for signs of photoshopping. And no, Kim's not attempting to break the Internet by going nude for Paper magazine again.

This time around, Kim is (mostly) fully clothed, and she's being granted an honor previously bestowed upon her egomaniacal hubby:

Kim Kardashian Rolling Stone Cover

Yes, Kim Kardashian and her cleavage are on the cover of Rolling Stone. We can hear the sound of subscriptions being canceled all over the country.

If you couldn't tell by the boob-tastic focal point, the cover image was shot by famed photographer and noted perv Terry Richardson.

As revealing as Kim's weird sailor getup is in the pic, inside the magazine she bares even more:

Kim talks about her first marriage, her dad's relationship with OJ Simpson, and perhaps most notably, the moment she became the first to know about Caitlyn Jenner's transition

“I was shaking," Kim says of the experience. "I didn’t know if I’d just found out his deepest, darkest secret, and he was going to come after me.”

The interview - one of the most candid of Kim's career - contains a number of other gems including thoughts on Kim's sex tape ("I don't really think about it...When I get over something, I get over it.") and her penchant for interracial relationships. ("When I was in high school, I would get magazines and see interracial couples and think, 'They are so cute.'")

Yes, Kim may not have bared her body for Rolling Stone, but she's certainly revealing a lot of secrets.

Now, the question remains of whether this issue will result in outrage amongst longtime subscribers, a la the fallout over Kim and Kanye covering Vogue last year.

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