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Are The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe and her final rose recipient Shawn Booth putting on an act and faking their engagement?

According to the obligatory rumors, the two are just waiting for the media circus to die down before quietly announcing they broke up.

That’s right, according to CDL they already split.

Obviously, things were going well at some point.

Bristowe revealed The Bachelorette spoilers this season instead of Reality Steve, posting a video on Snapchat of herself in bed with Booth.

Very smooth on her part.

According to new reports, though, this was pretty much the peak of their romance, as Shawn and Kaitlyn have already canceled the wedding.

No, you’re saying. Kaitlyn and Shawn are making the rounds, doing interviews and saying all the right things about how they found The One.

No, you’re saying. They bet Jimmy Kimmel $1,000 that they will last. They look happy and in love, and he was clearly the right choice for her.

Sure, maybe you’re right.

You probably said the same things about Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, though, and more recently Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff.

How did those work out?

The latter duo made it barely a few months … most of which they spent fighting off rumors of jealousy issues, fights and faking their relationships.

Sound familiar?

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We already know Shawn Booth is oddly possessive of Kaitlyn, and the fact that he had to watch his fiancee sex up Nick Viall on TV didn’t help.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he "accidentally" posted that Kaitlyn Bristowe Snapchat on purpose just to prove to the Internet that he got the girl.

Just speculating, but he’s the kind of douche who would pull that in our opinion. As for why they’d fake it and pretend to be a thing? Says a source:

"The producers aren’t saying they have to go through with the wedding, but they are reminding Kaitlyn and Shawn what they signed up for."

"They keep reminding Kaitlyn and Shawn that if they are not together, all of the perks of being the winning Bachelorette couple will go away.

Those being? "Red carpet events, free tickets, and gifts they are showered with,” not to mention future entertainment industry opportunities.

It’s an interesting theory. The insider adds that producers "made Juan Pablo’s life a living hell" when he didn’t conform to their demands.

How? Unclear. But clearly the powers that be would love for these two to last … at least a few months and break up amicably and quietly.

Given the show’s track record, that might be the best they can expect. See which Bachelor(ette) couples broke up and who’s still together: