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Mother of two Jenelle Evans is preparing to go to court to battle for custody of her eldest son, Jace, on August 4, according to a new report.

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star has vowed to take back custody from her mother, Barbara Evans, but is she serious enough to make it happen?

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A source close to the situation told Radar:

“Jenelle has been saying that she wants to get custody of Jace back for years, and now she’s really going to have the opportunity to do so."

Or is she? There’s one major caveat.

“She has to actually go ahead and get it done," the insider adds, stating the obvious, and the long and short of it is, "she just hasn’t so far.”

Recently, Evans graduated from college. With a degree from Miller Mott Technical College, she hopes to be a medical assistant. Kudos to her.

That was the roadblock she cited for some time as to why she didn’t look to take back custody from Barbara earlier. Now that it’s over? Well …

The source close to Evans says:

“Jenelle does want Jace back, but the process is always held up by something. Either she is dealing with Nathan, or just can’t get it together."

The oft-maligned star is hoping to marry fiance Nathan Griffith and regain custody of the son (by Andrew Lewis) she gave up shortly after birth.

“Jenelle really wants to try and be a full time mother with Jace,” the source said, but “This is a hearing that will most likely just be continued."

“So nothing really could happen.”

Status quo in other words. And given the non-stop tumult in her life, maybe that’s not the worst thing until there’s a proven period of stability.