Farrah Abraham Launches New Sex Toys, Continues to Be Shameless

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Farrah Abraham's greatest virtue has always been her willingness to do literally anything to remain in the spotlight, but in the past few weeks the Teen-Mom-turned-porn-star has pulled off a feat that we didn't think was possible:

Yes, Farrah has somehow become even more shameless and desperate.

It all started with Farrah's waist training photos. (Surely, the dumbest celeb trend in recent memory, and an obvious attempt to cash in by Ms. Abraham.)

Then, Farrah begged for a date to the ESPYs on Twitter. This was a new, more direct form of desperation that's usually reserved for only the most thirsty of semi-celebs, and it made us wonder what new low Farrah would hit next.

Farrah Abraham Oh Facing

Now, we know...and it seems that Farrah may have finally reached rock bottom. Actually, make that rubbery, lubed-up bottom.

On Monday,  Farrah will debut a whole bunch of new sex toys which will allow you to both fork over your hard-earned cash to the World's Worst Mom (sorry, Kate Gosselin) and bring the sadness that is Farrah's life into your bedroom.

The new line includes three vibrators and a Farrah-shaped inflatable doll.

We're assuming it's got the same mold of Farrah's vagina that she's been selling for years, but now it also has limbs and whatnot, so you can get the full Farrah experience, if that's your thing.

Before you get down to business, we recommend preparing a master-cut of Farrah's whiniest Teen Mom moments to really make the moment complete. Enjoy! If that's possible! 

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