Farrah Abraham to Daughter: Get Your OWN Life!

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Farrah Abraham is basically over parenting. Like, even more than you would have assumed, judging by the example she's set over the past few months.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, the Teen Mom and Backdoor Teen Mom star says she has no qualms about staying busy promoting her "career."

"It's healthy that we have a break," Abraham tells the celebrity gossip magazine. "She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine."

Her daughter Sophia, for those who are unaware, is four. Four.

Learning to be independent is one thing, but Farrah Abraham is not talking about broadening Sophia's life stills. She's talking about "doing her own thing."

As in all the time.

We all know that Farrah Abraham's parenting is something that no one should emulate, but this may be the most amazing quote she's ever given.

It warranted a double-take just to make sure we heard it right, then prompted laughter with a bit of disgust. What parent says this about their toddler?

Playing alone once in a while is important for kids, as is not being a helicopter parent. But "she does her own thing" is basically code for "I don't give a f--k."

In her mind, she's justified her increasing neglect.

Farrah Abraham, Daughter Photo

The controversial star can talk all she wants about doing porn, trolling sugar daddy sites, and making money for showing up at strip clubs to earn a living.

That may not be the best example, but if she does it for what she feels are the right reasons, she can at least try to justify them to her child one day.

This just proves it's all about Farrah, though.

No parent of a four-year-old, particularly a single parent, gets to "do your thing" and your child "does theirs." We don't even know what else to say.

Except, poor Sophia.

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