Judd Apatow Slams Whoopi Goldberg: Support Bill Cosby's VICTIMS!

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On Monday, the world learned that Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women with the intent to rape them while testifying in a 2005 civil trial.

Many believed this revelation would force the millions of fans and handful of celebrities who had refused to believe the allegations against Cosby to finally admit that the comic legend was guilty of some truly heinous acts.

Singer Jill Scott admitted she was wrong for defending Cosby. Across social media, hundreds of loyal fans stated that they now believe the women who say they were sexually assaulted by Cosby.

But despite the damning new evidence, Whoopi Goldberg is still standing by Cosby.

She argued in favor of her longtime friend on The View this week, and now, comic and filmmaker Judd Apatow has come forward to tell Whoopi how truly wrong she is in an epic Twitter tirade:

I think @WhoopiGoldberg is trying to be a loyal friend. It is sad that Bill Cosby is so sick that he puts his friends in that position. But @WhoopiGoldberg — he admitted to giving this to women to get them to have sex.

“So what are you defending? Remember — @WhoopiGoldberg he paid off women to avoid the courts. So you can’t say the courts didn’t convict.

"He used wealth to avoid it. It is sad that he betrayed his community and it has soiled his achievements. But he did it. Not the press. Seven prescriptions.”

He concluded, “It is wise to be careful but at some point we need to support the survivors of [Cosby’s] violence.”

It's unlikely that Cosby will ever wind up in court, and thus, it's unlikely that Apatow or Goldberg will ever be proven definitively right.

And that's exactly the point that Goldberg seems to be missing. Paying to make one's problems go away is a far cry from being proven innocent.

In fact, some would even say it's a tacit admission of guilt.

Regardless of whether or not Bill Cosby is guilty of everything he's been accused of, the man clearly has a lot of very ugly secrets that he's desperate to keep buried.

As such, it's nearly impossible to maintain any respect for public figures who continues to give the man a free pass.

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