The Bachelorette Season 11 Episode 7 Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Goes Deep

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The Bachelorette saw Kaitlyn Bristowe dispatch of more suitors on Season 11 Episode 7 Monday, while getting in deep with a bunch of others.

How do we mean?

Read The Bachelorette spoilers if you can't wait to find out the results of this season or who gets eliminated next. Now, let's break down last night ...

Picking up after last week's cliffhanger, The Bachelorette Season 11 Episode 7 saw "shallow" and "surface-level" Kaitlyn send Ian Thomson home.

Not that he needed much persuading, unnecessarily insulting her under the guise of "honesty" and slut-shaming Kaitlyn for kissing other guys.

On his way out, Ian Thomson mused in the limo, "I just don't think she's nearly as complex as I am. I'm too deep a thinker ... I'm too self-aware."

"I'm very different from every single person that's here."

"I went to Princeton [and] Deerfield and that's what I have to offer," he added. "I'm an interesting guy that's had a lot of different experiences."

"I'm not lame like the other guys."

His final words on the show involved him proclaiming that the ladies would come out of the woodworks (!) if he were The Bachelor, and this gem:

"Oh man, I need to have sex."

Well done, Ian. Well done.

After all that, Josh and Justin got the boot at the rose ceremony, and just like that we were down to single digits among the men pursuing Kaitlyn.

Their next stop was Dublin, where Nick Viall scored the first one-on-one date and Shawn Booth continued to act as if Nick ran over his family dog.

Just imagine if this guy is The Bachelorette winner. The way these dudes are jealously reacting now? It's only going to keep on getting worse.

Nick, for his part, has been fun-loving and affable with Kaitlyn and none of the shady labels that the guys try to pin on him - fairly or otherwise.

Perhaps that's why the two couldn't keep their hands off one another and their date ended up continuing later on that night in Kaitlyn's suite!

Making out turned to walking into the bedroom, where we continued to hear some kissing sounds as well as some feminine-sounding moans.

Great stuff.

That could've been editing and manipulation of viewers (old, random kissing sounds). Ditto Nick appearing to do the walk of shame the next day.

It's not hard to envision the show's fakery of either aspect, especially not after Kaitlyn started getting nervous and talking about feely guilty.


"I don't feel guilty about the act, [I just care about other] relationships that I've had. I've never dated this many guys and had to feel this guilt," she said.

Nick did not kiss and tell. At least not on camera. When the guys tried to bait him, telling him Shawn also had the same experience, he did not bite.

"According to the guys, it sounds like Shawn also got some time with Kaitlyn. Good for Shawn," Nick reflected in an interview. "It's not my business."

Nick then admitted - in the presence of Shawn - that their time together was "intimate." But once again, it was a tense moment, but he didn't spill:

"It was really personal. Authentic," he added, while Kaitlyn voiceovers continued to muse about guilt. "Really, it felt very comfortable and that was it."

Shawn said he can't continue in the competition like this and doesn't want to get to the fantasy suites and see Kaitlyn "bang two other dudes."

"I can't do this anymore. I'm about to cry right now," he said, and damned if he didn't visit Kaitlyn in her suite to get some things off his chest.

"I just hope he's not here to talk to me about Nick," said Kaitlyn. "It's going to kill me if Shawn tells me he doesn't want to be with me anymore."

"Because of one stupid f--king mistake. ... I didn't want to do it if I knew it would cause me problems. I never would have done it."

"I don't want to do this anymore."

Cue obligatory cliffhanger.

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