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Ian Thomson slut shamed and insulted Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette Monday night, and he did so for absolutely no reason at all.

Not that there is any good reason to behave as he did, but what we mean is there was no event that even provoked this brutal diatribe.

Ian spent much of last night extolling his own virtues – Princeton graduate, former model, death-defying sex god (all basically verbatim), etc.

That was to the cameras or Nick Viall, though. When he went completely off the rails was when he confronted Kaitlyn Bristowe personally.

"It’s tough for me because I came here expecting to meet the girl that had her heart broken and was devastated by Chris Soules," he said.

"Not the girl who wanted to get her field plowed by Chris."

Yes, he went there, referring to Kaitlyn’s first impression quip on The Bachelor this winter, but disdainfully implying she’s just in this for sex.

Poor taste any way you look at it, but even more absurd given that he bragged minutes earlier about all the sex he has with "chicks" at home.

He wasn’t done, either. Ian obnoxiously continued.

"I feel like you’re here to make out with a bunch of dudes on TV. And bringing Nick in, I don’t question his intentions. I question your intentions."

"I really see you as a surface-level person at this stage. I wonder if you’re really that shallow because I don’t see anything beyond the surface."

You don’t need The Bachelorette spoilers to tell you how this ends … although why he had to say this before getting the boot is beyond us.

Please, DO let the door hit you on the way out, hopefully hard enough knock some sense into that Ivy League-educated head of yours, Ian.