Kim Richards Commits to 90-Day Rehab Stay

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After a long string of bad luck and worse decisions, things seem to be finally turning around for Kim Richards.

Last week, we learned that Richards will not be charged in connection with her arrest for criminal trespassing back in April.

Today, the troubled Housewife's good luck streak continued, as it turned that she will not need to participate in a two-year rehab program as was rumored last week.

Kim Richards on RHOBC

Instead, she's signed on for a 90-day commitment at her third treatment center in the past three months.

According to Radar Online, Richards has assured has assured her friends and family that this time she's committed to staying sober.

“Although she knows that she can stay as long as she needs, 90 days was recommended for her because three months will give her a solid base to sobriety,” says one insider. “But 90 days is just to start. She could do more.”

Richards had a falling out with her last treatment center when she failed to return on time after leaving to attend her daughter's wedding (and allegedly getting blackout drunk).

So even though Richards' inner circle is cautiously optimistic, they're also reportedly concerned by reports that Kim isn't playing well with others.

“Kim has not been participating in the group activities here,” says the source. “She has not been especially nice to the other patients and has managed to seclude herself as much as possible.”

As always, we're hoping for the best. Of course with Kim, it's usually best to brace yourself for the worst.

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