Kim Richards: Checking Into TWO YEAR Rehab to Avoid Prison?!

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Kim Richards' drinking problem has been common knowledge for years, but thankfully, the troubled Housewife is finally seeking out the most intensive form of treatment available to her.

Granted, Kim had to get arrested for kicking a cop and basically alienate her entire family before she realized the severity of her problem, but the important thing is, she's finally getting the help she needs!

Kim Richards on the Street

You may remember that Kim ditched rehab to go to her daughter's wedding last month, and proceeded to get so drunk at the reception that the bride is no longer speaking with her mother. 

That's not the kind of behavior that's gonna help Kim's chances in her upcoming trial, so in a last-ditch effort to convince the judge she's on the path to self-improvement, she has reportedly signed up for the Navy SEAL boot camp version of rehab.

“Kim entered inpatient treatment late Wednesday night,” a source close to Kim tells Radar Online. “It’s a program that last up to two years!” 

The timing was no accident. The first preliminary hearing in Kim's court case was held this morning. Kim did not attend, and instead, her lawyers explained the nature of her new, long-term treatment program to the judge.

It was previously reported that Kim moved out of her house and put her things in storage in preparation for lengthy period of in-patient treatment, but apparently, even her closest family and friends didn't realize she was planning to check in for at least a year.

We guess it's safe to say she won't be appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season.

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