Josh Duggar Molested 5-Year-Old Sister; Jim Bob Waited 16 Months to Tell Authorities: Report

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Moments ago, In Touch released shocking new details about the Josh Duggar sexual abuse scandal that's rocked one of TV's most famous families. 

The same tabloid that broke the story of Josh molesting his sisters and at least one other girl is now claiming that one of the victims was just five at the time.

Moreover, the publication alleges that Duggar family patriarch Jim Bob helped cover up his son's crimes for over 16 months before turning him in.

Jim Bob and Josh Duggar

According to the new report, the now 27-year-old Josh Duggar confessed to Jim Bob that he had molested one of his sisters as far back early 2002.

Jim Bob allegedly did nothing with the information.

Months later, Josh reportedly confessed to further sexual misconduct, and Jim Bob yet again scolded his son, but did nothing to prevent further attacks.

The assaults continued, and when Josh confessed his misdeeds a third time to his father, Jim Bob waited four months before notifying authorities.

It had been 16 months since Josh's first confession.

The most shocking part, of course, is that there's no telling how many sexual assaults Jim Bob could have prevented by going to the police immediately.

We may never know officially who Josh's victims were, as the police report has been redacted, but this would imply his youngest victim is still a minor.

An interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will air on Fox News this evening, but the segment was taped before this new information came to light.

Many believe that the revelation that the Duggar parents helped cover up the molestation scandal will finally lead TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting. 

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