Entourage Movie Reviews: Oh... YEAH?

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Based on a certain Entourage trailer, this HBO show-turned-movie is racist, homophobic and misogynistic.

But is it entertaining?!?

With the big screen version of this beloved comedy hitting theaters on Friday, critics from around the country are now weighing in on Vince, Ari and the boys.

The boys may be back. But are they welcome back? Find out in the following Entourage review roundup...

The film is stuck in the inconsequential rut of the series. The characters are static, and the comedy is situational rather than dramatic. - Peter Keough

The movie has none of the fizz of the earliest of the series' eight seasons, and watching it summons that vague blank familiarity of discovering a show you used to watch is unexpectedly still on the air. - Mark Olsen

It may be not much more than a heavily branded romp through a Hollywood fantasyland, but it's got a pulse. It's easy fun. No one ever died from reading People magazine. - Laura Zarum

Put it this way: Gary Busey is in the movie. You'll forget it faster than he does. - Kyle Smith

There is some good, silly fun, and seeing Piven go nuts is so delightful it is disappointing this film has him working on his anger management. - Nell Minow

Just loud, boorish frat-boy wish-fulfilmment stuff, festooned with wink-wink celebrity cameos. - Frank Swietek

It is escapism, and entertaining when we get to go along for the ride, no matter how ridiculous and over-the-top. - Willie Waffle

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