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Farrah Abraham typically makes close to zero sense, but that frequent fact has never stopped her from vocalizing her every thought on social media.

Her latest pearl of wisdom is no exception …

Farrah A. Selfie

The 24-year-old Tweeted the following:

"Other MTV TeenMom’s Thanks for the compliments! even though they are all negative about me #music #books #boobs #press #kids #Superfans #wow"

#wow is one thing to say about it.

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know her co-stars have frequently and vocally clashed with her about her … shall we say life choices.

They’ve also taken to the web with criticisms of her music, erotic novels, plastic surgery, parenting, and of course backdoor entry policies.

So to speak.

It’s not clear what specifically she’s referring to in this case, or if she even knows what compliment means (or is just being ironic here).

We know God is her manager and she is the best at literally everything she does, though, so Farrah does not lack for self-esteem.

If you want to call Farrah a porn star, go ahead, but she doesn’t work in porn … except for that porno she shot. So step off, haters!

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