Rose McGowan Shames Adam Sandler for Sexist Casting Call

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Rose McGowan has publicly shamed Adam Sandler.

And it's not because Sandler is starring in the abysmal-looking movie Pixels.

Adam Sandler on the Street
Rose McGowan Red Carpet Pic

But it all started when Sandler donned sweatpants to a media event for Transylvania 2… while co-star Selena Gomez got all decked out in silky red two-piece ensemble.

This dichotomy didn't sit well with many on the Internet, who noted how no actress would ever be able to get away with such a casual outfit for a press gathering.

McGowan then shared a photo on Twitter that really ought to make Sandler feel stupid.

The picture was the casting call off a recent script McGowan received. It reads as follows:

Please make sure to read the attached script before coming in so you understand the context of the scenes. Wardrobe note:

Black (or dark) form-fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push-up bras encouraged). And formfitting leggings or jeans. Nothing white.

"casting note that came w/script I got today," McGowan included as a caption. "For real. name of male star rhymes with Madam Panhandler hahahaha I die."

In other words: Adam Sandler is cool with wearing sweatpants to a photo call.

But the actresses with which he works better accentuate their cleavage and their legs when starring opposite from him on screen.

Ouch. This may be more embarrassing to Sandler than all his scenes in The Cobbler combined.

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